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Healthcare Acquired Infections in the U.S. kill an estimated 100,000 people, infect over 1 million people and cost over $30 billion annually. Mold in our schools, homes and workplaces cause allergic reactions and cost $10s-$100s of thousands of dollars to properly remediate.
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At Delafield Solutions we offer high-impact technologies that change the landscape of what was previously thought possible.  Our Continuous Area Disinfection technology is truly unique and offers the capability to proactively and safely reduce harmful microbes on surfaces throughout occupied spaces.


Delafield’s Hydrogen Peroxide Systems provide continuous microbial control in occupied spaces. This unique technology produces dilute Hydrogen Peroxide in pure gas form which attacks the viruses, bacteria, and molds that commonly cause illnesses ranging from the flu to deadly hospital-acquired infections. The concentration is well below OSHA limits allowing the area to remain in use while our technology offers protection from germs on a sustained basis.

This capability is revolutionary, providing the ability to continuously reduce microbial loads and also prevent mold infestations. Like air, our patented systems permeate the entire enclosed space and reaches every surface – even those surfaces rarely cleaned by conventional methods. This means soft surfaces like curtains or seat pockets and hard surfaces like work-out equipment will be treated as well as the more typical surfaces like desks and tables.