Delivering Innovative Solutions

At Delafield we know innovation. More importantly, we know how to deliver high-impact solutions. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering game changing technologies, analysis, and processes for medical, business asset protection, and defense applications. We don’t deliver incremental advances, but solutions that enable new, previously unattainable standards of performance against the most challenging problems.SOLUTIONS

Dedicated to Safer Living and Working Environments

We strive to make a meaningful difference. Our antimicrobial solutions can make that difference. Every year Healthcare Acquired Infections in the U.S. kill over an estimated 100,000 people, infect over 1 million and cost over $30 billion. Mold in our schools, homes and workplaces cause allergic reactions and cost $10s-$100s of thousands of dollars to properly remediate. We have solutions that can help.FIND OUT MORE



Innovation is what we do. Our core technology offers a unique capability to continuously and safely reduce microbial loads in occupied spaces. We go against conventional wisdom with a capability that slowly and continuously kills microbes.
“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein


At Delafield Solutions we offer high-impact technologies that change the landscape of what was previously thought possible.  Our antimicrobial technology is truly unique and offers the capability to continuously and safely reduce harmful microbes on surfaces throughout occupied spaces.


Our professional staff has decades of experience in providing innovative solutions that deliver real operational improvements.  Technology alone is often insufficient to deliver full results.  Delafield brings experienced leaders with expertise in solving the toughest problems in medical, business protection, and defense sectors.  We are experts in providing comprehensive solutions.